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Our Top Winter Motoring Tips

11 July 2022

Our Top Winter Motoring Tips

Check Your Tyre Tread (Safety) 

Tyre depth is important to maintain traction in slippery and wet winter conditions. The legal minimum limit is 1.5mm, but if your last WoF suggested you're getting close to needing new tyres, we suggest stopping into your nearest tyre shop to check. 

Check Your Wipers (Safety) 

Noisy windscreen wipers? This could be a sign that you need to replace them, a small price to pay for perfect vision on the roads. 

Drive Sensibly (Safety & Efficiency) 

Braking suddenly, driving over the speed limit, and accelerating quickly all adds to your fuel consumption. By slowing down and driving sensibly, you'll not only be safer, but you'll also save money on petrol costs.

Check Your Tyre Pressures (Safety & Efficiency) 

Having your tyres at the right pressure reduces resistance when driving, therefore reducing the amount of fuel you use. Please don't overfill them with air, as this will make your vehicle difficult to drive, which could become a safety issue. 

Check Your Oil (Efficiency) 

Minimise the wear and tear on your vehicles engine by checking the oil level regularly and doing oil changes. Not sure when to change it? Check your vehicles manual as it will tell you how often you should change it. 

Check Your Air Filter (Efficiency) 

An old or blocked air filter will cause your vehicle to use more fuel than normal. Regularly replacing your engines air filter is an important part in improving the fuel efficiency of your car.

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