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Bank Statement Retrieval

Easy Three Step Process



Stadium Finance sends a secure link to the Credit Sense or Illion portal. 


Input your banking credentials for chosen provider(s) and select which statements to receive. 


The last 90 days of transactions will be sent securely to Stadium Finance.

What is Credit Sense and Illion?

Credit Sense and Illion are services used by Stadium Finance to facilitate automatic bank statement retrieval during the online loan application process. 

Credit Sense and Illion are both Australian owned and operated companies and are both used by several leading Australian and New Zealand lenders to ensure that credit provider assessments of customer transaction histories are consistent, fair, compliant and efficient. 

New Zealand credit providers such as Stadium Finance are obligated to make reasonable inquiries about their customer’s personal situation and be satisfied that the products they are offering are not unsuitable. This enables Stadium Finance to engage our customers with a clearer understanding of their financial situation and more accurately assess the suitability of our products for our customers.

Credit Sense and Illion assist Stadium Finance to comply with all obligations to our potential customers required by law under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

During the Stadium Finance Loan Application process, you will be asked to input your online banking details so that a summary of your last 90 days bank statement can be retrieved for automatic analysis.

Please note: During this process, your online banking details are not stored by either Stadium Finance, Credit Sense or Illion. To learn more about Credit Sense and Illion, please use the links below:

Credit Sense - www.creditsense.com.au - To view Credit Sense's privacy policy please click here. 

Illion - www.illion.co.nz - To view Illion's privacy policy please click here. 

Watch our video here explaining what Credit Sense is:  

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